Duality Within Self!

Every one of us have two distinct aspects to ourselves. These two aspects are our constant companions that we cannot escape and together they make up your consciousness and your experience of your Self. The first aspect represents our appearance and the face we wear in this world. It’s called the ego and it that part of you that represents you to others and to the world at large. The second aspect of You, is your spirit or your higher self. It is that part of you that’s invisible and that quietly lives in that inner space deep inside your consciousness.

These two aspects of your Self are not like two people living inside you, but are simply two sides of the same thing. Like two faces of the same coin they are inextricably connected to each other. Although ego and spirit are so closely related, they have vastly different demands on both your conscious and your subconscious attention.

Ego is primarily concerned with maintaining it’s importance in the world. It always wants to be right and is convinced of the fact that it is separate from everyone else. It’s always in competition – always wanting to be better than everyone else. Ego always strives to have more, to be better and to dominate. The ego’s value is determined by comparing itself to others to see how it stacks up – the ego’s point of reference is always outside of itself.

The needs of spirit is almost the exact opposite and is not interested in any of the demands that dominate the ego. Spirit’s primary need is to be at peace and being right and conquering others is of no concern to spirit. Spirit has no need for more because it knows that it’s value comes from itself and not from what it gains, what it wins or what it collects and accumulates.

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i am totally taken by that explanation of ego and spirit..read about the two so many times,but ur sentences seem to put the ideas in place!wonderful photo,apt interpretation..way to go man!

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