Human Experience

Magic Of Life !

Oh, I’ll be found When I am lost In your eyes.

New background for MX! :)

Expressions are Mind’s Impressions ??

Colored Emotions..

Holi HAI!

Garuda: The Embodiment Of Strength and Service!!

The Wedding:A pledge that lasts a lifetime.

Wishing All a Happy Shivratri:

{{Om Shiva}}

flash of light in corner of the eye..

Beyond The Sunset


Feel The Sun Rise..

Ripples of Light …

Riding into the Sunset..

Kanyakumari, India

Rowing Gently Down the Streem ….

Catching the Sun Rise.

The WEB..

Docked Boat ,kerala India

Backwaters , Kerala India

Houseboats & Backwaters.. Kerala India

Watching the sun go down

Like a Painting…

Magic at sunset

A visionary to the past ,Hampi, Karnataka India

ॐExperience The Kundalini Risingॐ

Shiva on ROcks,Vagator Beach,GOA INdia..

All Goes To ONE..

Rowing down Rishimukh parvath,Hampi India

Om Shanthi Cafe , Hampi India

Pure Devotion, Hampi, India

Architectural nirvana

Stone chariot,Hampi, India

Immortal remains of Consciousness


Avatar of Lord Vishnu

A Gateway to Time Travel,Hampi,Karnataka India

Virupaksha Temple ,Hampi, Karnataka India

Sunset over Hampi, Karnataka India

One year ago today…

Shift your focus..

Infinite Possibilities..Dont Stop Exploring..!

May Peace Prevail! Om Shanti!

The Prayer Wheel : Spiritual Technology

Diwali: Light the Lamp of Wisdom

Above The Clouds The Sun Is Always Shining …

Where Reality Exceeds Dreams… The Himalayas!

Complex Creative Reality!

Shadows and light

Awakening of Durga..

Evening Sun!

Elephant to the Door for Prosperity


Gliding into the sunset

Tainted Love…

Aggressive Xtensions

A Depiction Of Kali…The Dark Mother!

Distorted visions

Fades of Color Shades Of Light!

Kali: The Dark Mother

Gan::esha! God of planet Jupiter!

Age of Kali!

While you witness the fear, you gain power

Festival..of Power..

Dancing Kali – Dancing in a River of Sacrificial Blood

Let me dance you to death, Let me dance you to life

A festival for the Goddess of power…


Carnival of Fear, Faith and Forgiveness!

Experience the Expressions from Within!

Face your fears!

I am the dance of death !

Dancing Bliss!

Kali …on the Elephant!


Wings of Peace!

Tomb of Muhammad Qutb Shah in Hyderabad, India.

Pyramid Of Faith!

Colors Of Faith!

Shri Badrinath Temple!

Neelkanth Parvath….On a Full Moon resembles a YOgi..

Down the Valley!!!


Flyin High!

Glidin Above!

Looking for More ??

So Close But yet so Far!!

Almost Breath Taking!!!!!


IF i Could Fly , i would Touch the Sky !!

In to the Open….untoo the Unknown!!!


Align Your Self…To Atune!!

A View of the Gangotri Temple!

The Far View!

Morning Rise!

Morning Glory of River Bhagirathi..