I Am …..

Human Experience

Dreaming Child !

The Ever Changing Self …

Magic Of Life !

Stone WOnder ! – The Brihadeshvara temple

~ The Dance of SHIVA ~

Eyes Speak Best..

A Travelling State of Mind !


Pashupatinath temple (पशुपतिनाथ मन्दिर), Katmandu , NEPAL

A man of awareness is unattached

Weddings are Fun to Shoot !!

From The 7 Blessings of a Hindu Wedding

No one is free, even the birds are chained to the sky…. :)

I Blossom as i Grow :)

I’m Often lost in my fantasies

Oh, I’ll be found When I am lost In your eyes.

Expressions are Mind’s Impressions ??

Colored Emotions..

Holi HAI!

The Wedding:A pledge that lasts a lifetime.

Beyond Relationships and Community..

ॐExperience The Kundalini Risingॐ

Shiva on ROcks,Vagator Beach,GOA INdia..

Sadho re, yae murdon ka gawo!!!!!!


Shift your focus..

Infinite Possibilities..Dont Stop Exploring..!

The Prayer Wheel : Spiritual Technology

Unclouded, innocent awareness….

Tainted Love…

Aggressive Xtensions

A Depiction Of Kali…The Dark Mother!

Distorted visions

Fades of Color Shades Of Light!

Kali: The Dark Mother

Gan::esha! God of planet Jupiter!

Age of Kali!

While you witness the fear, you gain power

Festival..of Power..

Dancing Kali – Dancing in a River of Sacrificial Blood

Let me dance you to death, Let me dance you to life

A festival for the Goddess of power…


Carnival of Fear, Faith and Forgiveness!

Experience the Expressions from Within!

Face your fears!

I am the dance of death !

Dancing Bliss!

Kali …on the Elephant!

Cold Morning at Badrinath!

Feels Like Trinity… Creation|Sustenance|Destruction

BaBa…Bolo Bham!!

A View Of Kedarnath!

The Little Stooges!!

Eyes of Wisdome or past ?

In to the Open….untoo the Unknown!!!


Align Your Self…To Atune!!

A View of the Gangotri Temple!

Morning Glory of River Bhagirathi..

Holy Smoke!@


Bolo Bhum!!!

(((BOOM ShankAR)))

Weathred and Stoned!

Trippers Joint!


little Jems!!!

I Love Wondering How….

Bandar Baba!!!!!

Bandar Baba!!!


All Wound UP!!!!


In Midst of all the cHAos..!!!

A Moment..Worth standing still….


Mischievous Sparkle In her Eye

Roll On…

Where i Lay my head is Home…

Bidar Fort :)

The Night with the princes

Evolve like a Pyramid

Market Blues…

The Chime Of Faith!

Faith Undisturbed Is Peace

Together..Are We ..One WE ARE!

Survival…For a living !!

Kids on the beach of Vodrevu

For a Living…

God of Small Things :)

Lost in wilderness


Life takes all Forms

Looking for a Playmate:)