Yellow and yellow-orange are colours with sacred and auspicious connotations in the Indian subcontinent. Turmeric is important in Hindu and Buddhist ceremonies.Turmeric is associated with fertility and prosperity.

Chakras in Hindu belief are mystical centres of orientation. Orange represents the sacral chakra and yellow represents the solar plexus chakra. This yogic concept is of the inner cosmology of a being discovered through meditative practice. It is best described in the tantras or texts important in Tantric Hinduism . In Buddhism yellow is the colour of the Bodhisattva Ratnasambhava.

Yellow is the first color a person distinguishes in the brain. Associated with stress, caution, and apprehension, yet it stimulates an overall sense of optimism, hope, and balance.

Orange has the characteristics halfway between red and yellow. It is one the best colors for stimulating learning.

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