Mangalaya Dharane: The groom ties the sacred ‘taali’ on the bride. The sacred ‘taali’ (a small inscribed gold ornament, strung on a yellow thread) is kept on a silver platter along with a piece of jaggery, rice, a coconut and a heavy nine yard Kanjeevaram sari which is given by the groom’s mother to the bride. This platter is taken around to all the guests for their blessings. The bride changes in to the nine-yard sari, wearing it in the ‘katche seera’ style and returns to the ‘mantap’. Amongst Vedic chants, the groom ties the first knot of the ‘taali’ around the bride’s neck and his sisters tie the other two knots. Akshathe: The couple is blessed with the showering of coloured rice All the elders present at the wedding are given coloured rice, which they shower on the couple after the ‘mangalaya dharane’. The bride’s mother gives the groom a ‘paan’ or betel leaf to proclaim her support of the marriage.

~Aparna Murthy

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