Garuda: The Embodiment Of Strength and Service!!

flash of light in corner of the eye..

Beyond The Sunset


Feel The Sun Rise..

Ripples of Light …

Riding into the Sunset..

Kanyakumari, India

Rowing Gently Down the Streem ….

Catching the Sun Rise.

The WEB..

Docked Boat ,kerala India

Backwaters , Kerala India

Houseboats & Backwaters.. Kerala India

Watching the sun go down

Like a Painting…

Magic at sunset

A visionary to the past ,Hampi, Karnataka India

ॐExperience The Kundalini Risingॐ

Shiva on ROcks,Vagator Beach,GOA INdia..

River Pampa and Pampapati

Rowing down Rishimukh parvath,Hampi India

Om Shanthi Cafe , Hampi India

Above The Clouds The Sun Is Always Shining …

Sacred Glacier…

Where Reality Exceeds Dreams… The Himalayas!

Mahout and his Elephant!

Complex Creative Reality!

Shadows and light

Evening Sun!

Elephant to the Door for Prosperity


Gliding into the sunset

Neelkanth at Sunrise..

Early Morning at Badrinath!

Neelkanth Parvath….On a Full Moon resembles a YOgi..

Down the Valley!!!

Reaching Out !!

Feels Like Trinity… Creation|Sustenance|Destruction


Flyin High!

Glidin Above!

Looking for More ??

So Close But yet so Far!!

Almost Breath Taking!!!!!


IF i Could Fly , i would Touch the Sky !!


Almost like a Painting…

The Mighty Himalaya

Peace Beyond…Vision!

In to the Open….untoo the Unknown!!!

The Far View!

Morning Rise!

Morning Glory of River Bhagirathi..

Early Morning Shine!

Mountains of the Gods!

The Moon Rise!

The Himalayan View!

The Moon Rising Above the mountains..

The Peace..Above!

A View of the Yamunotri Temple!

Blaze Of Glory!!!

Kempty Falls!

Shine On ME Crazy Diamond..

Travel Thru time with your Bagage hanging safe to fall back on..until u Start Again!

Where i Lay my head is Home…

Sun Flower

A Different Perspective:)

Flares Of Consciousness

Small moments but sureal..

The Moon

The wild Beauty of the Himalayas…Morning Blooms!

In the Wild…Under the SUn!

Mighty Rays…

Wanderer within my soul…

Loops towards Rothang..

The Himalayas..

Awaiting Its Turn..

Chaos …..

Standing Tall….

Resting Safe …

The Web of Life…