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Bhoga Nandishwara Temple



Bhoga Nandishwara Temple (Nandi Temple) AKA Bhoganandishwara Temple. The historic Nandi Temple is built around 4 to 9 AD. It is considered one of the holy sites of Hinduism in North Bangalore. It is a spectacular architectural masterpiece. The God in the temple is Bhoga Nandishwara another name of Lord Shiva. It is located in Nandi next to the Muddenahalli-Kanivenarayanapura region. The temple was renovated by Rathnavalli of Bana Dynasty is in Dravidan style. Sri. Arunachaleswara temple, nearby Boganandiswara temple built out soap stone, is another example where one can find fine Ganga, Chola, Hoysala style of architecture

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Virupaksha Temple ,Hampi, Karnataka India

Virupaksha Temple is located in Hampi 350 km from Bangalore, in the state of Karnataka in southern India.

Hampi sits on the banks of the Tungabhadra River in the ruins of the ancient city of Vijayanagar, capital of the Vijayanagara empire. Virupaksha Temple is the main center of pilgrimage at Hampi and has been considered the most sacred over the centuries. It is fully intact among the surrounding ruins and is still used in worship. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, known here as Virupaksha, as the consort of the local goddess Pampa who is associated with the Tungabhadra River.

Source :Wikipedia

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Pyramid Of Faith!

Maitreya-Buddha Pyramid, is the World’s Largest Pyramid built solely for practicing intensive meditation. It has a base area of 160ft. x 160ft. and is as tall as a ten stroreyed building at 104ft. height. The exterior surface of the Pyramid is covered by beautiful murals depicting various elements of nature.

This Pyramid is constructed on the principles of Giza Pyramid, oriented exactly in the North – South direction, having the golden angle of inclination at 52° 51’ on all sides and the King’s Chamber located at the center to 1/3rd the height of the Pyramid.

Over 640 natural Himalayan crystals are fitted inside the Pyramid meditation hall to amplify the Pyramid energy and help in more profound meditational experiences.

Pyramid Power

Pyramids are store-houses of energy. Their geometric design collects, radiates, and stores Cosmic Energy. Pyramids help to reduce the level of stress and tension in the physical body.

Meditation done inside a pyramid or underneath a Pyramid is called Pyramid Meditation and it is thrice more powerful. Most people who have experimented with Pyramid Meditation, describe as experiencing a total relaxation of their body, shutting out of irrelevant thoughts and finally achieving an altered state of consciousness.

Location: Pyramid Valley,Kanakapura Road, Bangalore, Karnataka, India