So Close But yet so Far!!

Almost Breath Taking!!!!!


IF i Could Fly , i would Touch the Sky !!

The Little Stooges!!

Eyes of Wisdome or past ?


Almost like a Painting…


The Mighty Himalaya

Peace Beyond…Vision!

In to the Open….untoo the Unknown!!!


Align Your Self…To Atune!!

A View of the Gangotri Temple!

The Far View!

Morning Rise!

Morning Glory of River Bhagirathi..

Early Morning Shine!

Mountains of the Gods!

The Moon Rise!

The Himalayan View!

The Moon Rising Above the mountains..

The Peace..Above!

Holy Smoke!@


Bolo Bhum!!!

(((BOOM ShankAR)))

Weathred and Stoned!

A View of the Yamunotri Temple!

Trippers Joint!

Can’t Hold On, Can’t Let Go !!!


little Jems!!!

Lakha Mandal Temple, Dehradun

Blaze Of Glory!!!

Kempty Falls!

I Love Wondering How….

Bandar Baba!!!!!

Bandar Baba!!!


All Wound UP!!!!


Haridhawar… Harkipedi…

Shine On ME Crazy Diamond..

Frozen In TIme!!!

In Midst of all the cHAos..!!!

A Moment..Worth standing still….

Shree Ganesh…….


Mischievous Sparkle In her Eye

I’m Not shying away from your reality…Just that I exist in another dimension of thought..

Boy tOYS….

Roll On…

Travel Thru time with your Bagage hanging safe to fall back on..until u Start Again!

Where i Lay my head is Home…

Bidar Fort :)

Sun Flower

Loooped up !!!

More of Lightpainting..

Like a Trance! :)

Light painting

The Night with the princes

Evolve like a Pyramid

Flying in a Blue Dream….

A Different Perspective:)

Flares Of Consciousness

Small moments but sureal..

The Moon

More Chaos..trafic

Sureal Trafic chaos..

KolanPaka ..the jain temple

Market Blues…

The Taj…

The Division Bell…

The Chime Of Faith!

what you may have left behind…

Rear View!!

High on Freedom…….

The Himalayan Breeze..

Om Mani Padme Hum

Monastery in Manali

Faith Undisturbed Is Peace

The wild Beauty of the Himalayas…Morning Blooms!

In the Wild…Under the SUn!

Mighty Rays…

Nomadic View

Wanderer within my soul…

Loops towards Rothang..

The Himalayas..

Awaiting Its Turn..

The Golden Bliss …at night!

Goden Temple , Amritsar…

Together..Are We ..One WE ARE!

Chaos …..

Standing Tall….

Survival…For a living !!

Kids on the beach of Vodrevu

For a Living…

Resting Safe …