Colors in your environment affect your chemical balance, causing some pretty strong physical phenomenon. Reds and oranges for instance affect your sense of time and such a waiting room at the doctors or dentists can make your wait seem interminable. A blue or green waiting room will do the opposite.Reds and oranges affect the adrenal system, pushing increased energy into your system. In a cascade effect, other related systems may be activated such as the immune system, vascular pulmonary, or sexual systems.Greens and blues soothe and allow the time sense to be accelerated so that time seems to go faster and a wait appears shorter than with a red surrounding. Blues and greens trigger the endocrine system and a set of neurotransmitters are produced which calm and inspire a slower gentler spirituality than red.

According to Albert Einstein, different colors represent differing energies of the field of relativity. Colors are a universal language and each human relates quickly to each other through use of colors. Colors reach a direct response from our brain circuits, not only the lower circuits but very strongly from the higher brain circuits also. Compilations of names indicate there are more than 7,500 names of colors and scientists have shown that the human eye can discern as many as 15,000,000 different colors.

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