As soon as you reach this place , it almost feels like a timeless Vortex , a place with no sence of time and space , as the name goes makes you forget your self or almost sedate… 

About This Temple:

As per the mythological story, Lord Shiva and Devi Parvati had a fight and angry Shiva came here to meditate. Then Devi Parvati, dressed as a tribal woman danced to fascinate Shiva and he got attracted to her beauty. Finally, they went to Kailash parbat (कैलाश पर्बत ) and got re-united. The place got its name from this story. “To sedate” means “bhul” in Marathi. As Shiva got attracted towards Paravati, hence Shiva got another name – Bhuleshwar. Hence the name of the temple.

Temple was built during the period of 1230 AD by Choula Rulers .

How to approach : There are two ways to approach this fort. First from on Pune-Solapur highway, just before Yawat take right turn along eastern bank of canal. On this way at ghat section road is steep so vehicle break must be in good condition. When you start observing temple by this way there are steps going towards fort. This must be the old way of fort. Second way At Saswad chowk instead of going towards Jejuri take again left turn next to high school. Road goes via village called Singapur. You can see Jejuri on south, Purandar on south-west and Dhavaleshwar on West. The road from Pune up to Yevat is in very good condition. From Yevat it is approximately 8 km of hilly ride, the road from Yevat till the hill top is in good condition (enough for driving).

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