Rise & Shine !
I Am .....
* I am open and ready to attract abundance into my life. *
Paigah Tombs
Bhoga Nandishwara Temple
Wonder Drop !
The Road to Nowhere...
Shiva !!! Shambhoo !!
Human Experience
Dreaming Child !
Some Where Along the Road....
The Ever Changing Self ...
Magic Of Life !
Magic of Portraits !
Stone WOnder ! -  The Brihadeshvara temple
 ~ The Dance of SHIVA ~
Eyes Speak Best..
 Sea Dreamer ~ ✿ ☮ ❤ ☼`* ☀✿ ☀(ˆ◡ˆ)* ♪♫☀ღ ☀♫*
Hampi : A story amongst the boulders...
We Turned 4 Years Today ! :)
What if God was one of us?
The Inner World !!
A Travelling State of Mind !
In Search of HOME
I Dream ! With my Head In The Clouds!
The journey is the reward.
Shiva {{ Bliss }} at Parvathi Valley
The enigma of Self ...
Dreamy ~
Mahabalipuram : The shore temple that survived the winds of change
We See Doors to what we don't see beyond our Imagination...
The Traveler.. !
Until Eternity ..
 When I Look To The Sky
Crossed Paths :)
Awareness is empowering...
When I was a child..
The Indian Bride !
MysticXpressions Proudly Presents PHOTO BRAHMA STUDIOS | Ṱℏαᾔк УỚυ €Ŧ€RNấŁŁУ✿°`'•.¸¸*
As Warm As The SUN !
Mangalaya Dharane
Pashupatinath temple (पशुपतिनाथ मन्दिर), Katmandu , NEPAL
Unfinished conversation...
We all walk in the dark and each of us must learn to turn on his or her own light.
 We can do no great things; only small things with great love. Love To All ~2012
 A man of awareness is unattached
and....I have lost my heart Forever in the Mountains...
Weddings are Fun to Shoot !!
From The 7 Blessings of a Hindu Wedding
Seeking In Time...
Give light, and the darkness will disappear.....
MOnkey Loves Pepsi ;)
Turmeric the ‘spice of life' :: YELLOW
Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.
Live in Timeless Space
If you haven't lost the path, you haven't found the way.
The human spirit is not dead.... It lives on in secret
Ringing in Divinity…..
 The Ocean of  the Mind
The Psychedelic Ganesha....
Lotus Flower - Symbol of Purity and Great Beauty
Ever Inqusitive
We'r all traveling in the same path parallely....
The Road Not Taken...
Boudhanath Stupa - Kathmandu, Nepal
So I tip-toe through the rain
Bhuleshwar Temple Pune, INDIA
 All “Life Situations” are Just in the Mind
We are always the same age inside :) Happy Children's Day :)
11:11:11 - 11-11-11 : SYNCHRONOUS .. SYNCHRONICITY !!
May our heart's garden of awakening bloom with hundreds of flowers...
Spinning a WEB with Imagination..*~*:._.:*~*:._.:*~*:.
Now I have no caste, no creed, I am no more what I am.........
No one is free, even the birds are chained to the sky.... :)
We are made out of stars, YOU and I....
Life is NOW !!!
I Blossom as i Grow :)
Takin' it easy.. Live High ;)
Hey!   'Beautiful Dreamer' :)
Timeless Space in The Village!
The World Through a Childs Eyes :)
Soaring high..In to the Skies...
Sometimes it takes darkness for us to find the light.
I'm Often lost in my fantasies
The Little Miss.Sunshine :)
Walk the Gandhi Way..
Holding Tight :)
For a Life Time...........
High Ocean View..
Down the Memory Lane Track....
Oh, I'll be found When I am lost  In your eyes.
New background for MX! :)
Expressions are Mind's Impressions ??
Colored Emotions..
HAppy HOLI !
Holi HAI!
Garuda: The Embodiment Of Strength and Service!!
The Wedding:A pledge that lasts a lifetime.
Wishing All a Happy Shivratri:
{{Om Shiva}}
Beyond Relationships and Community..
flash of light in corner of the eye..
Beyond The Sunset
Feel The Sun Rise..
Ripples of Light ...
Riding into the Sunset..
Kanyakumari, India
Rowing Gently Down the Streem ....
Catching the Sun Rise.
The WEB..
Docked Boat ,kerala India
Backwaters , Kerala India
Houseboats & Backwaters.. Kerala India
Watching the sun go down
Like a Painting...
Magic at sunset
A visionary to the past ,Hampi, Karnataka India
ॐExperience The Kundalini Risingॐ
Shiva on ROcks,Vagator Beach,GOA INdia..
All Goes To ONE..
River Pampa and Pampapati
Rowing down Rishimukh parvath,Hampi India
Om Shanthi Cafe , Hampi India
Sadho re, yae murdon ka gawo!!!!!!
An after life story still told,Hampi, India
Pure Devotion, Hampi, India
Architectural nirvana
Stone chariot,Hampi, India
Immortal remains of Consciousness
Avatar of Lord Vishnu
A Gateway to Time Travel,Hampi,Karnataka India
Virupaksha Temple ,Hampi, Karnataka India
Sunset over Hampi, Karnataka India
One year ago today…
Shift your focus..
Infinite Possibilities..Dont Stop Exploring..!
May Peace Prevail!  Om Shanti!
The Prayer Wheel : Spiritual Technology
Diwali: Light the Lamp of Wisdom
Unclouded, innocent awareness....
Above The Clouds The Sun Is Always Shining ...
Sacred Glacier...
Where Reality Exceeds Dreams... The Himalayas!
Mahout and his Elephant!
Complex Creative Reality!
Shadows and light
Awakening of Durga..
Evening Sun!
Elephant to the Door for Prosperity
Gliding into the sunset
Tainted Love...
Aggressive Xtensions
A Depiction Of Kali...The Dark Mother!
Distorted visions
Fades of Color Shades Of Light!
Kali: The Dark Mother
Gan::esha! God of planet Jupiter!
Age of Kali!
 While you witness the fear, you gain power
Festival..of Power..
Dancing Kali - Dancing in a River of Sacrificial Blood
Let me dance you to death, Let me dance you to life
A festival for the Goddess of power...
Carnival of Fear, Faith and Forgiveness!
Experience the Expressions from Within!
Face your fears!
I am the dance of death !
Dancing Bliss!
Kali ...on the Elephant!
Wings of Peace!
Tomb of Muhammad Qutb Shah in Hyderabad, India.
Pyramid Of Faith!
Colors Of Faith!
Neelkanth at Sunrise..
Early Morning at Badrinath!
Cold Morning at Badrinath!
Shri Badrinath Temple!
Neelkanth Parvath....On a Full Moon resembles a YOgi..
Down the Valley!!!
Reaching Out !!
Feels Like Trinity... Creation|Sustenance|Destruction
BaBa...Bolo Bham!!
A View Of Kedarnath!
Flyin High!
Glidin Above!
Looking for More ??
So Close But yet so Far!!
Almost Breath Taking!!!!!
IF i Could Fly , i would  Touch the Sky !!
The Little Stooges!!
Eyes of Wisdome or past ?
Almost like a Painting...
The Mighty Himalaya
Peace Beyond...Vision!
In to the Open....untoo the Unknown!!!
Align Your Self...To Atune!!
A View of the Gangotri Temple!
The Far View!
Morning Rise!
Morning Glory of River Bhagirathi..
Early Morning Shine!
Mountains of the Gods!
The Moon Rise!
The Himalayan View!
The Moon Rising Above the mountains..
The Peace..Above!
Holy Smoke!@
Bolo Bhum!!!
(((BOOM ShankAR)))
Weathred and Stoned!
A View of the Yamunotri Temple!
Trippers Joint!
Can't Hold On, Can't Let Go !!!
little Jems!!!
Lakha Mandal Temple, Dehradun
Blaze Of Glory!!!
Kempty Falls!
I Love Wondering How....
Bandar Baba!!!!!
Bandar Baba!!!
All Wound UP!!!!
Haridhawar... Harkipedi...
Shine On ME Crazy Diamond..
Frozen In TIme!!!
In Midst of all the cHAos..!!!
A Moment..Worth standing still....
Shree Ganesh.......
 Mischievous Sparkle In her Eye
I'm Not shying away from your reality...Just that I exist in another dimension of thought..
Boy tOYS....
Roll On...
Travel Thru time with your Bagage hanging safe to fall back on..until u Start Again!
Where i Lay my head is Home...
Bidar Fort :)
Sun Flower
Loooped up !!!
More of Lightpainting..
Like a Trance! :)
Light painting
The Night with the princes
The Lake at Night..
Flying in a Blue Dream....
A Different Perspective:)
Flares Of  Consciousness
Small moments but sureal..
The Moon
More Chaos..trafic
Sureal Trafic chaos..
KolanPaka ..the jain temple
Market Blues...
The Taj...
The Division Bell...
The Chime Of Faith!
 what you may have left behind...
Rear View!!
High on Freedom.......
The Himalayan Breeze..
Om Mani Padme Hum
Monastery in Manali
Faith Undisturbed Is Peace
The wild Beauty of the Himalayas...Morning Blooms!
In the Wild...Under the SUn!
Mighty Rays...
Nomadic View
Wanderer within my soul…
Loops towards Rothang..
The Himalayas..
All we are is Dust in the Wind..
The Golden Bliss night!
Goden Temple , Amritsar...
Together..Are We ..One WE ARE!
Colorful Vibes.....
Standing Tall....
Survival...For a living !!
Kids on the beach of Vodrevu
For a Living...
Resting Safe ...